Our focus is to make the stay for international students easier and more comfortable in the UK.
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About us

Student advice in accommodation sourcing and support to conduct the relevant procedures to settle down in the UK.

Our Company

We are a company created by students for students. We understand 100% what are the obstacles that students face when arriving for the first time to the UK. Our main objective is to offer a high quality service and to facilitate the life of the students to integrate easily to a new culture.

Finding the right place with fair conditions that suits the needs of students and providing the necessary support to settle down in the UK is associated with the social corporate responsibility that we have as a company with students.


Organizational Values

Honesty, High Quality Service, Passion and Reliability, are the fundamental values ​​of our company. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most, the well-being of the students. We know that traveling to a new country is a very important and challenging decision, for this reason, we are committed to provide advice and support which will allow you to have a better experience in the United Kingdom. The students are at the absolute heart of what we do.



Our mission is to offer cost-effective solutions to students that allow them to save time and money.


Make the stay of International Students easier and more comfortable in the UK, allowing us to be recognized in Colombia and throughout South America for our excellent services.

Meet the Team



Sandra is passionate about helping students because she knows the importance of finding a safe place to live in the UK and the cultural shock that this involves.

She has been living in London for 8 years and she understands what the needs of the students are when they arrive in the UK for the first time because she was an English student and she had to overcome different obstacles, such as, not knowing the language, adapting to a new culture and schedule, live with strangers and share the space with them. This experience helped her to mature both personally and professionally and to learn that dreams in life are achieved with discipline, perseverance and responsibility.

She is a Technologist in Business Administration, a Professional in Business Marketing and she has a Masters in Management and Finance.

By living in London, she has been able to meet people from different parts of the world, who have shared their traditions with her, which have allowed her to expand her knowledge. Also, she has been able to do one of the things she likes most, travelling to different countries and explore their culture and at a very low cost.

The basis of our business is the requirements of our students, for this reason, we listen and materialize their needs through a high quality service, advice and support from the beginning to the end.